• One hour private zoom call with Laara WilliamSen, International professional painter and art educator.
  • Review of up to ten of your paintings, including how your choices of balance, rhythm, colors and tones shape your compositions.
  • Discussion about your personal art language.  Assistance to identity what you are doing in your paintings that forms this art language.
  • Time is allowed for you to ask Laara questions about your painting.


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4. Enjoy your one hour consultation with Laara WilliamSen

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"Laara WilliamSen is a gem of a person.  As an Artist, her paintings are filled with Light.   As an Art Critic and Educator, her recommendations are multi fold.   She….. encourages.....students to catch up with their own vision, while simultaneously looking at the loop holes their achieve the best of their true potential."

Kanwal Zafar, Contemporary Fine Artist, Islamabad, Pakistan


"Laara WilliamSeen is a Professor of international scope and she quickly identifies each student and adapts the vocabulary to facilitate the communication.  This maximizes the clarity of the message and allows all of those who have the chance to listen to her, benefit from her teachings.  It is without hesitation that I affirm that Laara is the best asset for the success of your artistic curriculum…...” 

Yann Olivier Raufaste (YASKA), Artist Sculptor, France


“ I can't say enough positive things about Laara WilliamSen! She not only taught me the techniques of painting, she gave me the confidence to do it!  She encourages me to paint freely, making each painting a true expression of myself!   She was exactly what I was looking for in a teacher who has also become a friend!” 

Marcia Fraser, South Surrey, B.C. Canada


"Having recently met Laara WilliamSen, I have had the good fortune to be the recipient of some of her critical writing. She is truly a master at her craft and I recommend her as a genuine authority on art with keen perceptions and the colorful language to describe it thoroughly. She, herself is an an artist whose paintings are themselves all about the paint so her own vantage point is one of actually doing, not merely observing. ...."

Margaret Zox Brown, Painter, U.S.A.  


Get one hour private time with Laara WilliamSen

Ask her questions about your art career, receive her guidance about your paintings or get tips about exhibitions!

Fee is $45 US which is $60 CAN