The art of kindness


Start nurturing your heart and soul so that kindness is your first response towards yourself and others! Healing, Alignment, Manifestation are creatively explored. Discover and experience the huge amount of kindness already within you.

The Kindness Connection


Join me to discover your deep kindness connection.



Session begins with time for you to share your feelings and thoughts, while I listen carefully and then I will offer you gentle life affirming activities and information.

By seeing you privately, the information and time tested activities I offer you will match what you require.  

I assist you to find a strong inner balance and your own positivity while our outside world is currently in turmoil.

In a series of Sessions, in order to discover your amazing wealth of kindness, we may want to first deal with any old issues in order to heal past wounds. Then we can focus on balancing your energy, staying in alignment and manifestation.

Some of the creative activities I may offer you in your session(s) are:

Meditation, Affirmations, Universal Shapes, Intuitive Drawing, Healing hands, Body Language, Visualization, Balancing your Energy, Body Alignment, Mandala Drawing, Chakras and Voice Toning.

My goal is to assist you to align your heart and soul so that your kindness flows easily to yourself and others. 



Take one Session or save money by booking more!

5 Sessions (regular $125)....for $95.00

8 Sessions (regular $200) for  $160.00

Please email me at to enroll for either of the above.

Social proof: testimonials

Deepali Chaudhary

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

This is simply great, Laara. Under your kind and positive guidance, the inspiration is bound to be aplenty. I still cherish my session with you. I love the title of this study and wish you the very best.

Gerri Campbell

Surrey, B.C., Canada

"Laara inspires me with her feedback in such a way that I always feel the burden has lifted. I trust her. She is a person of love and kindness and inspiration."

Yann Olivier Raufaste (YASKA)


Laara WilliamSen is a Professor of international scope and she quickly identifies each student and adapts the vocabulary to facilitate the communication. This maximizes the clarity of the message and allows all of those who have the chance to listen to her, benefit from her teachings. It is without hesitation that I affirm that Laara is the best asset for your success.


Private Tutor and Group Educator

Laara WilliamSen

I look forward to meeting up with you and individualizing your Private Sessions or facilitating your Semi-Private Group Class. Please check out the ABOUT page at the top of the screen for details about my 35 years experience and my continuing education. I totally enjoy assisting you to: define your goals, experience my guided assignments and activities and learn how to realize your dreams! I look forward to meeting you soon! Laara WilliamSen, Educator: Private Tutor and Group Facilitator, International professional artist.
  • An educator with 35 years of success!

    During the past thirty five years, Laara WilliamSen has become well known for her successful healing art classes. Both at home and abroad, she has successfully educated 10,000 clients.

  • Private, for your eyes only!

    Laara aligns your Private Sessions to your personal requirements. You have lifetime online access to your completed Sessions. These are the practical benefits of the Private Kindness Connection Sessions.

  • Loving kindness for yourself and others!

    Experience Laara WilliamSen's gentle healing guidance. Discover the confidence and freedom to share your deep wealth of kindness; first with yourself and then with the world!

Introductory 30 minute Free Session!

Would you like to try a 30 minute Free Kindness Session?

Please click the link above and follow the enrollment directions.  I look forward to meeting you soon.

Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen, Private Tutor, Group Facilitator, Artist, Poet